Mels Boom: Inspiring ceramic artists since1999

Film about ceramics, based on discussions with Leach and Hamada. (English, 47:01 minutes, source: Youtube 3cOwze7agxI)

Potters of Japan, Part one, old video, shows Mori (Shikoku) and Kei Fujiwara (Bizen) working. (English, 15:47 minutes, source: Youtube raIwUJpeu8o)

Potters of Japan, Part two, old video, shows Rakusai and Kaneshigi working. (English, 15:47 minutes, bron: Youtube CKgG8L0WEp4)

Ceramic artist Jonathan Keep shows how to build a Delta 3D printer. A dexterous person can build one from availble materials. More information here. (No speach, 6:14 minutes, source: Youtube MYd_AmkCWfM)