Mels Boom: Inspiring ceramic artists since1999

Tsujimura Shiro and Suzuki Goro from Japan demonstrate, together with Americans Richard Milgrim and Jeff Shapiro throwing tea bowls; they discuss their esthetical and philosophical meaning for the tea ceremony. (English, 6:30 minutes, source: Youtube KMIhv8mxV_I)

Ken Matsuzaki throws tea bowls (Not spoken, 16:07 minutes, source: Youtube QLYivjLbWxg)

Old video of Shoji Hamada working. (English, 7:07 minutes, source: YoutubeCwFtg8mBW3s)

Katsumi Kako from Tamba, Japan shows how to use a moon shaped rib. (Not spoken, 2:30 minutes, source: Youtube OhbivEDnp8Y)

The Art of Pottery, experiments on the potters wheel: Tineke van Gils (Dutch 12:08 minutes, source: Youtube jZFXUWu1rDU)

Royal Teapots. 100 Teapots made on the potters wheel by Tineke van Gils
The 100-Teapot installation was presented to Queen Beatrix in 2005. It was a sponsoring project for the opera Turandot in Midden-Delfland, produced by DarioFo. (Dutch 12:17 minutes, source: Youtube AZIM5fnsvmI)

In 2010 Tineke van Gils was invited by the Yueji Kiln Ceramic Art Center of Dehua in China to create 100 different teapots of Dehua porcelain on a potters wheel next to the oldest dragon kiln in Dehua County (Fujian).

English, 6:36 minutes, source: Youtube jZwMHb_r8Vc)