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SPOTLIGHT: Jatta Lavi - Northern Light

Jatta Lavi (FI, 1966) has technique as a source of inspiration. "I get ideas when I'm working with the material, trying new methods. Especially when something unexpected happens, such as an (un)happy accident in the kiln. I think that is always a great moment."

Even in everyday life there are moments that inspire Jatta: the light through a curtain, the soft curve of snow or the way paper creases. Sometimes it is an atmosphere, which she wants to recreate. Of contrast, alienation and melancholy. Actually pretty crazy, because she makes functional ware... However: "Many people buy my work, but do not use it, they see it as decorative. I don't like that, the products have to be used in erveryday life. I do not produce for showcases."

Since her education at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Jatta casts porcelain. She mixes it herself: kaolin, feldspar, nepheline syenite (a feldspar) and quartz. The nepheline lets her fire at a relatively low temperature, 1240 ° C. With this mixture she produced, in 1997, the well-known porcelain milk carton, which was her breakthrough.

White and translucent work: Northern Light. See more...


The art of Ceramic Decoration: Artists Share their Secrets

Posted on September 24th, 2014

The Art of Ceramic Decoration: Artists Share their Secrets has been a very successful book. As of today, it is available as a digital book (English / Dutch).

The countless possibilities that digital books offer are incorporated in this digital versionl: internal linking from the table of contents and the index as well as links from all chapters to internet sites that provide more information on the current chapter.

More information can be found here.